Use rain to grow forests and douse fires, and use a bolt of lightning to zap enemies intent on ruining Kumo Lumo’s world. Featuring a unique artistic style and delightfully simple gameplay, you won’t be able to get enough of Kumo Lumo!

In this unique action-adventure ‘rain-‘em-up’ the player controls Kumo Lumo, a little cloud with the ability to affect the environment around him. Using his unique powers, Lumo must fulfil objectives by raining on and bringing life back to his world whilst avoiding a myriad of enemies and hazards. Visually unique, the art style has been heavily influenced by the sticker bomb movement, a movement with virtually no prior connection to traditional game art. Kumo Lumo provides gamers with a fun, rewarding and eclectically different gaming experience.

Kumo lumo Ident Video – Press to Play